Demo Slam


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What are Demo Slams?

Demo slams  are led by our presenters and attendees to showcase a tip or trick that others will be able to use in 2 minutes or less, should be quick, simple and engaging.  It can be geeky or just plain useful.  Slams should be be pre-planned and rehearsed/prepared.  That is why we ask our leaders to conduct the SLAMS on Day 1 and give the attendees and opportunity to participate in a Demo Slam Smackdown on Day 2 morning! 

What do I need to know about viewing or presenting a Demo Slam?

Demo Slams will take place on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.  
  • Day 1 Closing Session Demo Slams.  This will be for fun and to showcase how demo slams are done.  To submit for Friday  Demo Slams submit here: 
  • Day 2 Opening Opening:  Participants/Attendee Demo Slam Smackdown!  Now that you've see the Day 1 Demo Slam show, here  is your chance to be the presenter!  
    • Limited to 8 SLAMS.
    • Submit  Slam    here  by 8AM on Day 2 morning.
    • There are 8 SLAM spots.  First Come First Serve.